6042 Quarrow Night Fishing Combo Light


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The Quarrow Night Fishing Light Combo is the essential night fishing light. 8 powerful LEDs provide output white and UV light.  UV light is also useful in detecting urine (and other biologicals), currency and document verification, and fluorescing certain gems and minerals.  The rotating magnetic clip gives you convenient hands-free lighting by attaching to virtually anything. The reinforced plastic body design is shock-proof and water-resistant, making these lights basically indestructible.


8 White LEDs output 60 lumens of light (bulb rated for 110,000+ hours of life) 8 UV LEDs output 2-3 milliwatts – UV (3.4-3.6V; 20MA.) (wavelength: 410-415nm) Rotating magnetic clip Recessed LED housing Water-resistant reinforced plastic body design Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included for each light)

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