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You asked; we delivered. You wanted a pressure switch that you could use with your existing NEBO® / iPROTEC products. Here it is. The Dual Mode Pressure Switch by iPROTEC is just over 17” in its recoiled position, but can extend to over 3’ to suit your specific needs. The most important feature is the dual mode.  The dual mode feature is two buttons in one switch so that you can independently control your lights functions by choosing momentary or steady on. The steady switch uses hard/soft touch technology allowing settings to be changed in two different ways.
Hard touch: Simply click through the functions (light
will turn off in between settings.)
NOTE: Some lights will reset to first setting (100% ON)
after being off for 10 seconds.
Soft touch: Press button halfway with no click.  This
allows the user to cycle through the settings quickly
without the light turning off between settings.
The momentary switch activates the light only while pressure is being applied to the button.  (Light will change settings with each use. *NOTE: Some lights will reset to first setting (100% ON) after being off for 10 seconds.)  PROTEC Dual Mode Pressure Switch is the accessory to have, especially if you already have NEBO® or iPROTEC flashlight.

  • Dual switch incorporates two buttons inside the switch, one for momentary operation and the other for steady on.
  • Specifically designed to be used with the following products:
    • #5557, #5581, #5599 & #5610 NEBO®REDLINE®
    • #5565 PROTEC Laser / Flashlight Combo
    • #5566 PROTEC Elite Laser / Flashlight Combo
    • #5586 U.S. Army TAC-110Z
    • #5463, #5564 NEBO® CHAMELEON
    • #5624 NEBO® REDLINE® 220 Lumen Bright Light
    • #5630 PROTEC REDLINE®
    • #5929 PROTEC PRO-220 Light


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